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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Moving to tumblr

Since it was announced by google that all blogger blogs with sexual content will be set to private in the following weeks, we all have to find a new home for our blogs.
For me that was a pretty easy decision because most of the places I go are already on tumblr.

I used this tool to transfer all my content to my tumblr blog:
Blogger to Tumblr
I'm not sure what will happen with all the picture-links once the old blog will be gone, but i guess i'll have to look into that when it's time to deal with it. In any case I'm going to make a complete backup somehow.

So from now on you can find my blogs under the following links:

Relattic Stills

Relattic Flash

Relattic Can't Move

I will do some design and function tweaking later.

Please only use these links from now on. I hope that everyone can move or recover all the content before it's too late.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


One flash cap comes alone very rarely. Once i'm in the workprocess, it's much easier to just do another one. So here's my second flash cap since two years ago. Hope you enjoy. Let me know if you want more of these.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A duel of wizards (NEW FLASH CAP)

Finally, i came around making another flash caption. It's been years since the last one, so it's nothing too big and i'm also not so sure when the next one is gonna come around.
But i hope that you like it anyways. :)

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Flash functioning again

It seems that in my absence, the flash content had stopped working, because blogger decided to disallow Frames on all their pages. That means that the content can't be displayed on this page anymore. So i changed the script to a popup-function. Make sure to disable your popup filter or allow this page to open popups. I don't like popups either, but i don't see an alternative right now.

I'm also, as mentioned many times, not going to continue doing flash caps right now, because i'm not motivated enough to give captioning so much time. I'm considering doing a tutorial on how to create them though, so more people could do flash caps. The technical issues are really not that hard to understand. I consider the content-finding much more time-consuming. Would you like me to make a tutorial, so you could learn to do flash caps? Leave your comments.

In the meantime, i will be concentrating on my "captions-only" blog relattic.stills, so if you want to read new stories by me, check that out and follow me there. Maybe my motivation will rise again some time in the future, but i don't feel like it's about to happen in a short time.

Anyways, since the flash caps archive is working again, i hope you enjoy my previous work again.
Click here to get a list of all flash captions.

See you soon.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

relattic.stills Blog

So i thought about why i didn't want to caption anymore and i figured it might be because i wanted this blog to be something different. I want to make flash, video and slideshows here and to do that is most of the time very time consuming. But i also don't want to use this blog to post normal captions because it would be harder to find the good "media" content.

That's why i thought i'd open a second "captions-only" blog. I will NOT promise to post new content there regularily but i think it'll motivate me enough to do some things each month.

relattic.stills Blog

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Shaman

It's been almost a year since my last post. I'm not going to upload new content regularly now, but every now and then, there's still gonna be something new - even if it's only once or twice a year. ;)
I just feel to good in my regular life right now that i am not motivated to do this stuff more often.

Altough today, to celebrate 150k views, i will share a new slideshow comic with you.
Hope you enjoy it and see you another time. ;)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Great Shift RPG Game: Walkthrough Chapter 1

First of all, i don't recommend reading this. The game is not very big yet and if you read this you're going to be done with it very fast. If however you are stuck somewhere and don't know how to get to the next step, you might find some tips in the basic version. If you really can't figure it out, there's a spoiler version, which tells you everything how to get through fast.

Follow these Instructions (these are just the BASIC steps):

1. Talk to the CARRIER on the very first map. You can't miss him. Then head to the next map and follow the path to each sides.

2. You can get a pick to get through streets with a bush on them. Just talk to each of the persons standing at a pentagram. They are going to tell you a row of numbers and you'll have to find the next one.

3. The first of the professors working on the project is currently trying to figure out some other strange puzzle.
Here you have to walk over pentagrams to activate them. Six have to be activated, four have to be left off. You'll have to figure out which ones are the right ones. If you find it out, he's going to give you the first key. You also get an item which tells you the key whenever you want to.

4. You can now find a boat at the coast.

5. Find the second professor on an island. He'll give you the second key. You also get an item which tells you the key whenever you want to.

6. Type in the codes at the entry to the strange device. There are three codes, however you only get two. You'll have to figure out the third one. This is another numbers puzzle.
If you can't get it to work there's a person somewhere giving you a tip.
Also, if you really can't do it, but have found all eight pictures that are hidden on the map, you can go to a woman on a pier and she'll give you all three codes for free. You wouldn't even have to get the first two keys.

7. You'll have to push the button. You should save the game, because you might get into a Game Over screen.

8. You now have three minutes to find the person who gave you the second key. If you can't make it there in the three minutes, the game is over and you can only restart at your last save point.

9. You'll get to Aca City, which is going to be your first stop on the journey. The game ends here right now, but i'm already working on a second chapter.

As already mentioned above, there are eight pictures hidden somewhere in chapter 1.They can be at any position on the map that you can walk on. Each chapter will have a number of those pictures. In your first conversation with the CARRIER you also get an item called the Picture Book. With this item you can view all the pictures you've already found. It isn't mentioned in the game yet. I'll have to change that for the next version.

Spoiler :

2. The number is 32.
3. On the picture above all the right spots are marked.
6. The third code is: 73130 (five times the first code)
8. The great shift has happened, which is why you won't find the professor on the same island. Instead there's another island above. The body of the person the professor has switched with is on this island.
Pictures: All locations of pictures are marked with a violet rectangle on the map above.